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Silvia Blumenfeld
Email: silviablu@bezeqint.net ; silviab@post.tau.ac.il

Web address: www.surmicel.freeservers.com

  Academic degrees   Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, University of Buenos Aires.

Degree: Lic. in Biological Sciences.

Post Degree: Dr. in Biological Sciences.

Prof. of Plant Pathology and Biotechnology of Mushrooms

  Professional experience   Professor and Researcher of Mycology, Forest Pathology and Plant Pathology. Specialist in biotechnology of mushrooms, wood deterioration and biodegradation and culture collections of mushrooms. The last project I leaded in Argentina was related to genetic selection and improvement of edible, mycorrhizal and medicinal mushroom strains. I have more than 20 years of experience in formulation of mushroom inoculants, in industrial production of mushroom inoculants and in mushroom biotechnology.       First Job in Israel May 2003 – continue: Researcher of Tel Aviv University, Director of the Fungal Collections of the Botanical Gardens, Dept. of Plant Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences. (part time position). The fungal collection (herbarium and living culture collection) will be part of the project of the National Museum of Natural History of Tel Aviv University.

June 2003-April 2006: Researcher of the Golan Research Institute, Kazterin.

Research project: Wood rotting fungi of vineyards. Since septermber 2003 I have identified and isolated for the first time in Israel, the ethiological agent of esca, Fomitiporia punctata.

I have also worked in diseases of apple trees and post harvest diseases of apples.


  Distinctions and/or Prizes 1995 – Argentine National Prize José Antonio Balseiro, as Director of Group of work for the results of the technological transfer and extension work with the productive sector in the topic of edible mushrooms, granted by the Ministry of Education and the Forum of the Science and Technology. It was given on April 26th by the President of the Nation, Dr. Carlos Menem, in the White Room of Government's House.

  Educational career Professor of Phytopathology, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Faculty of Agronomy, Cinco Saltos, Rio Negro, Argentina, 1986-2004. I have resigned my position (tenure) because of the alyah.

Professor of Biotechnology of filamentous mushrooms, course of the Master Degree in Chemical Sciences of the Universidad Nacional del Comahue, 1995-2004, I have resigned my position (tenure) because of the alyah.


Career of Scientific and Technological Researcher

Member of the "Carrera del Investigador Cientifico y Tecnologico" of the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), 1985-2002. I have resigned my position (Independent Researcher) because of the alyah.

  Language abilities English: reading, writing, speaking.

French: reading, writing, speaking

Hebrew: Ulpan Aleph: approved; Ulpan Bet: approved; Ulpan Guimel: approved

  Patents 1998. A microbiological industrial process was patented for the production of edible mushrooms on agroindustrial wastes. (National Institute of the Industrial Property, INPI, patent of invention record 329860/91). The patent is shared with the CONICET, registered on February 1998, under Number 251.648    List of publications and Attendance to congresses and symposia
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